Craig Davison - The Great (ish) Escape (BMX)

The Great-ish Escape

"Achtung! Halt!" is all he can hear, as the yelling battalion of Germans open fire at him. He swerves the motorbike to avoid the flying bullets, glad that he managed to grab the bike after emerging from the tunnel of Stalag 30 Junior School. Now all he has to do is clear four paving slabs with his make shift ramp, four paving slabs to anyone else, but to the WW2 hotshot American pilot, a ten foot barbed wire fence. Peddling furiously the engine roars as he lines up perfectly with the plywood board propped on a breeze-block. With the wind rushing through his hair he hits the ramp and soars into the air before landing on the other side of the barbed-wire in Switzerland a free man!!

Giclee On Paper
Image Size 18" x 11"

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